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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Live seems easy when we got someone who really understand and accept us as we are. No matter what happen outside; wars, storms or even economic crisis. It’s nice to know when we are at home some one will welcome us with a bright smile and a warm-loving hug.
nk wat pembtlan,sbnr nye bkn nye mrah la..
juz x nk 24 hrs dpn comptr je,
nk gak sygqu d bwh nie pk untk mase dpn n kehdpan dia..
hurmm jgn pk bkn2....da syg mst la kena tegur..i'm i rite?????

i will try to respect what my sygqu do it...
n try 2 give a full support 4 him..
cayok2 syg.. p(^o^)q ...

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