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Friday, November 20, 2009


"haihh btol2 mrah la..AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH.....
xtau nk luah kat sape dahhhh...
ckap slah..xckap slhh...
xtau ape yg dia nk..ssh bile ckap ngan org yg xsuke nk dgr ckap org..
y every men doesnt feel what women really think..
y them really trying to make women hurt..
its really pain...every nite feel da same thing..u just give a bad hope to this gurl..im so pity to her..
im sori if dis really make u mad to me..
but its true..u really2...ARGGHHHH!!!
trying to b a man dat u can handle every things in rship...
trying to b understanding n fair in ur life....
trying to b more care in ur rship..
n dun to b really selfish..dat all EGO
dun always blame all prob to her..she always want a perfect r'ship wif u..but u????

p/s: feel really bad..after read this novel....arrgghhh tension..jgn bace buku nie..

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